If you are thinking of installing a masonry project in your home, whether it’s a wall or other structure, you should know there are different types of masonry to choose from.

  1. Rubble Masonry – This type of masonry does not use dressed stones, and can be random, square, or miscellaneous in size. It is difficult to be certain that the weight is evenly distributed from rubble masonry, and the work takes great care. There’s also dry rubble masonry, which doesn’t use mortar. These structures are not meant to be load bearing.
  2. Ashlar Masonry – This is the type of masonry we are used to, with bricks or rocks that are square or rectangular. The edges are finely chiseled so they are perfectly straight and fit together in even vertical and horizontal lines.

At A Step in Time Maryland, LLC, we can build your masonry project to your specifications, whether it’s rubble masonry or ashlar masonry. Our technicians are experts at understanding the structures and supports needed in your home masonry job, and we will be sure to satisfy your aesthetic as well as your practical needs. Contact A Step in Time Maryland, LLC for your masonry job today.