Whether it’s a small drip during heavy rains, or a discoloration in your ceiling, you can tell when your roof is leaking. Even a small leak in your roof can eventually lead to big problems in your home, including flooding, falling debris, property damage, and injury. Common roof leaks happen near your chimney, in low spots or valleys in your roof, under damaged shingles, around your gutters and skylights, and close to vents and pipes.

To prevent a leaky roof you should get regular roof inspections to replace missing shingles and repair any weak points. Regular gutter and downspout maintenance as well as trimming nearby branches hanging overhead can also be helpful. But if you have noticed that your ceiling is moldy, or your walls are damp, it may be too late to prevent a leak.

Since this is the most prevalent issue for homeowners, don’t worry if your leaky roof is causing you stress. It’s a problem that trusted roofing contactors, like us at A Step in Time Maryland, LLC, have a lot of experience fixing. Don’t try to fix it on your own, however, since it’s quite dangerous to try and repair your roof without any training. Contact our experienced technicians for a quote on fixing your leaky roof today.