If you are concerned with the safety of your fireplace or chimney, we can help you to make sure you take the proper maintenance steps to keep your home safe from fire or structural damage due to an unsafe fireplace or chimney.

A clean chimney is a safe chimney. If you have not scheduled your annual chimney cleaning, then you need to contact a chimney cleaning expert like A Step in Time Maryland, LLC. Our chimney sweep services include a free, basic chimney inspection so that your home and family are not at risk of being caught unawares by chimney related issues, such as fire, heat damage, or structural engineering issues.

Without a regular cleaning and inspection, your chimney could collect combustible debris, weaken at the connective joins, or become stripped of protective linings that keep surrounding areas of your home out of contact with intense heat. These are all issues that could result in a fire, or in a crumbling structure that can damage your home and cause injury to people nearby.

By taking necessary precautions and getting annual chimney cleanings and inspections, you keep your home safe. Contact A Step in Time Maryland, LLC today to schedule an appointment.