Sometimes your chimney is obviously in need of repair. A missing brick from a masonry chimney is a key indicator, for instance. But sometimes it’s not so obvious. Here are some signs that your chimney might be in need of a professional chimney service company’s attention.

Smoke, Smoke and More Smoke

If your fireplace and chimney seem to smoke up your home whenever you use it, this could be a sign that your chimney is not functioning properly. If you notice that your room smells even a little like smoke after the fireplace has been used, that can be grounds for chimney repairs.

Cracked Up

If your chimney has a crack in the side, small or large, that is definitely a sign of needed repair. Call a chimney expert like A Step in Time Maryland, LLC immediately!

Hot Diggity Dog

The rooms above your fireplace that connect to the chimney will tell you if your chimney’s heatsink is working properly. If the lining of your chimney is cracked, or has worn down with age, then you might feel more heat than you should coming from the chimney. If the walls that touch your chimney feel too hot, then you should contact us for chimney repairs.