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A Step in Time Maryland, LLC provides Level 1 chimney inspections and chimney repair serving residential and commercial properties in Bowie, MD.

Without regular chimney inspection, your fireplace holds a significant risk of becoming a fire hazard. As certified professionals with years of experience, A Step in Time Maryland, LLC can provide any of the 3 levels of chimney inspection as outlined by the National Fire Protection Association.

Levels of Chimney Inspection

According to the NFPA, Level 1 is the standard inspection included in your yearly chimney cleaning and maintenance. This is a minimum requirement for chimneys that are inconsistent use without changes or updates to any equipment or parts of the chimney and fireplace. After a thorough inspection of all readily accessible portions of the fireplace and chimney, the structural integrity of the chimney and safety of the chimney are determined, ensuring a lack of obstructions or flammable build-ups that may be dangerous in the future.

Level 2, part of which is a video inspection, occurs during homeownership changes, or after a suspected chimney fire. Any changes to the system will also require a Level 2 inspection. Changes to the system include switching fuel type, relining the flue, or replacement of any other portions of the chimney. These inspections are also recommended in case of any drastic weather events or seismic activity that may occur in Bowie, MD.

Level 3 chimney inspection is the most extensive and involves partial disassembly to ensure a thorough inspection. This level of inspection is rarely done, as it can result in the removal of portions of the chimney or building to facilitate the examination of inaccessible portions of the chimney’s structure. If a serious hazard is suspected after a Level 1 or 2 inspection, a Level 3 inspection may be recommended.

Why Choose Chimney Inspection by A Step In Time Maryland, LLC?

Trusted throughout Maryland as a fire inspection leader, we go beyond standard inspection requirements for Level 1 and can increase your peace of mind with added rooftop inspections whenever possible. A Step in Time Maryland, LLC provides free Level 1 inspection with every cleaning and has proven experience in the Bowie, MD area in clearing fire hazards and preventing house fires through their detailed inspection processes.

Level 2 and 3 inspections are offered when deemed necessary but are rarely required with regular chimney cleaning by A Step in Time Maryland, LLC.

What Our Customers Are Saying in Bowie, MD

"Mike and his team did a great job with the estimate and execution. He is quick to answer your calls and is thorough in his estimation and description of the chimney needs. Their level of communication is excellent. The team showed up early and were very courteous and thorough. I highly recommend them."

Andy S.

"Mike did a great job explaining the services and detailing each of the steps the technician would perform on the date of service. He was courteous and catering to the work I needed to have done. This is now my second experience with A Step in Time Maryland, LLC and will continue to be a repeat customer. Thanks Mike and Dave!!"

Brian H.

"Had a great experience with A Step in Time Maryland, LLC. The owner came out on a weekend to evaluate our fireplace and provided us a fair estimate. He was direct and very comprehensive. The repairmen came out the next week and went above and beyond their duties. They even color-matched the inside of our fireplace! He guaranteed us 25 years to a lifetime warranty on all of our repairs. We thank you for keeping our home safe for years to come."

Kelsey P.

"A Step In Time Maryland, LLC is the only sweep I’ll ever use. They will inspect and advise on repairs without using pressure. Check around with other sweeps and compare their prices and be sure to understand the materials being used. They inspected mine and advised on repairs...others could not compare to the stainless steel material and their price. You will end up with A Step In Time Maryland, LLC!"

Tom S.

"Met with the owner for the first time yesterday for a chimney liner replacement, and was able to get scheduled right away. Workers came in (on time), did a fast job, and left a really clean space behind. Good people to work with. Would definitely call them again. Thanks!"

Mike B.

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